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It was the urge to give explanation to happenings in the environment that led to the emergence of science. Science should be seen as part of everyday life by everyday people in their interactions to the natural world.

Science sets out to groom dependable and self employable graduates in the Nation and helps to create informed citizenry which is vital to our democratic society. No doubt, science is the vehicle any nation needs to journey with; to create the right direction to get to the right destination.

Today, a problem peculiar with the younger generation, especially youths in our global and pinging world have gone viral. Quick Money Syndrome (QMS) have made our youths in particular give in to armed robbery, yahoo business, rituals, murder, kidnapping, sexual immorality diverse forms, sell of kidney, drug trafficking and all sorts of ill jobs which is notoriously becoming lucrative by the day.

Delayed gratification has become a thing of the past. Everybody wants to measure up. Yes, even the society celebrates you. Parents become proud!

!!why live poor when your “mates” live “large”?

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No   one cares how the money comes. Once, the money is there, you are counted successful. These menace will certainly takes us nowhere! One should be internally motivated. Money made through fraudulent means is never a measure of success. Success should be self-driven and not to please others. Fast money vanishes through the fast lane.



It becomes a problem to teach delayed gratification when students grow up expecting a huge, instant reward for been to school. One must have learnt to expect instant reward from social media trends. This defeats the aim of science.

With the advent of QMS in the lives of Science graduates in particular, one would fear for the continuation of quality scientific experiments conducted by Nigerians.

Science gives one the ability to critically examine an issue and articulate a reasoned position about it. Nurturing critical thinking is a key component of science.

If we should take the authorization to ask ourselves what we did since morning. We will find out that we must have engaged in some natural investigation like: trying to determine what the weather would be like in order to decide on what clothes to put on and so on. The difference between this natural investigation and the scientists (professional) is that; these scientists use a set of instruments/ theories extend to the range of the human senses. They also work in line with the central commitments of the field for any particular period, rather than from the point of everyday life. Be it in our science laboratory, rooms, kitchen or our garden, natural phenomena remain the starting point as well as focus of scientific activity.

Every Nation of our admiration has benefited from the resourcefulness of its scientists. Nigeria is not left out. There have been tremendous results and outcomes of scientific research in Nigeria. Whether we are talking about the recent marvels of the United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirate or transformation of Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, even as the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktown has announced a multi-billion dollar expansion of the city’s second airport’ the world’s biggest airport project (Cable News Network, 2014)

It therefore follows, by a simple logic, that if a nation gives the right type of education and enabling environment to its citizens, the citizens will not turn against their father- land. Every youth should see himself / herself as a stakeholder in the Nigerian project, by exercising all requisite citizenship roles and responsibilities. It should be inculcated in our children at the early age the respect for human life and the dignity of labour.

With the advent of QMS in the lives of Science graduates in particular, one would fear for the continuation of quality scientific experiments conducted by Nigerians. We have   been   enjoying the innovations and fruits of many years of research, series of experiments by scientists( patient enough to see to theses success achieved). Quality science research is being threatened by QMS hence;

……..Why many science students in Nigeria may not end up as “SCIENTISTS”

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 Onwukeme Ijeoma  is a passionate Science Educator, Researcher, Academic Counselor and Consultant.


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