Trump’s Choice: Betsy DeVos, School-choice advocate. What else can Educators ask for?

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President-elect, Donald. J. Trump has recently  selected Betsy DeVos, a School-choice Advocate from Michigan and philanthropist, as his Secretary of Education.

………………Past US Secretaries of Education

Arne Duncan

Arne Duncan- former US Secretary of Education from 2009 through early 2016. Teaching runs in Duncan’s family.

John King Jnr.

John King Jnr.- present US Secretary of Education; Former Deputy to Arne Duncan. However, he has been charged with implementing the No Child Left Behind Act; and Every Student Succeeds Act. He is a Onetime Commissioner for Education, New York State.

And now,

Betsy DeVos, chaired the board of the American Federation for children. In 2000, the DeVos bankrolled an unsuccessful ballot initiative in Michigan that would have created a voucher program in that state.

Trump and DeVos

According to Robert Rothman, Washington- based Education writer:

“……..With Trump in the White House and DeVos advocating for it, the program is likely to be extended — and perhaps expanded — next year. What else can educators expect? A lot of rhetoric about choice, and advocacy for state voucher plans. And DeVos will not be the only one cheering those on. Vice President-elect Mike Pence oversaw a major expansion of a voucher program as governor of Indiana.”

US Vice President- elect, Michael Pence seems likely to shape the Federal role in Education for the next four years. As a former Governor who made school reform a top priority. Trump and Pence will likely facilitate a broadening of pre-school education.

The Eight years of the Obama administration have been a time of great change for the American’s STEM education amidst other issues; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as a whole.

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Having named Republican mega-donor   and School choice Advocate, Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, Trump seems to have doubled down on his commitment to school vouchers. This took place last week.

DeVos’ appointment follows a plan Trump unveiled during the campaign to redirect $20 billion in federal funding to a voucher program that would send low- income students to public and private schools of their choice.

what else can Educators ask for?

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 Onwukeme Ijeoma  is a passionate Science Educator, Researcher, Academic Counselor and Consultant.

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