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Antoscience is Nigeria’s first website hosted blog for science teaching and learning, created to provide academic support services to Science Teachers who face professional challenges peculiar to the teaching profession in Nigeria and other developing countries.

The blog serves as a platform for science teachers, students, student-teachers, other professionals and members of the public to interact and share their experiences as well as keep up with trending issues in pedagogy.

Teaching profession was never on my list! It was not my first love! Today, I am glad that my Passion found me. Imparting knowledge is my life.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Explore antoscience that science may be understood and feared less.


Antoscience is an academic seed, sown by Onwukeme Ijeoma Antonia. She is a passionate Science Educator, Researcher, blogger, Counsellor and Academic Consultant.

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